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Welcome to our Auto Features Resource Center and Blog

DCIIA has developed this resource to support the improvement of our nation’s retirement security.

Designed for the DCIIA community, employers managing their defined contribution plans, and others who share our passion to improve retirement outcomes, this resource center will:

  • Provide easy access to DC plan automation research and facts;

  • Provide useful tools and resources to help evaluate and implement DC plan automation changes;

  • Provide interesting case studies, models and content to create successful DC plan outcomes, and;

  • Support efforts to enhance DC plan automation.

Why a Blog?

The blog is our way to share the diverse expertise and views within the DCIIA community.

The blog gives us the ability to bring front and center the research and resources that point to actionable solutions.

Check back regularly for new ideas, new research and new tools on how to use automation to improve DC plans and the retirement readiness of participants.

Why a Resource Center?

It’s meaningful to see research showing how “robust automation” almost doubles the chance of a participant achieving a successful retirement outcome (reaching an 80% replacement ratio) through a combination of DC savings plans and social security. This research, based on collaboration between EBRI and DCIIA, shows how the robust use of automation – pairing automatic enrollment with automatic escalation—improved the probability of people in the lowest income quartile reaching an 80% replacement ratio goal --from 46% to 79%. 

See more about that research in this research report: DCIIA – Raising the Bar: Pumping Up Retirement Savings
Presenting research and offering resources will be the focus of our effort at the Auto Features Resource Center.

Want to participate or have a question?

If you’d like to contribute to the blog or the resource center, please contact Lew Minsky.

If you have any questions about the Resource Center, please contact Megan Scipione. We look forward to your feedback and your participation.

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