DCIIA | Plan Sponsor Advisory Committee
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Plan Sponsor Advisory Committee

The Plan Sponsor Advisory Committee acts in an advisory role to the DCIIA Board and Executive Committee, bringing the voice of the plan sponsor to every discussion and ensuring that DCIIA remains current with the concerns of plan sponsors.

Plan Sponsor participation in DCIIA:

  • There is no membership fee for plan sponsors, and all plan sponsors that register with DCIIA will be eligible to join DCIIA’s online community, access DCIIA research and other thought leadership, and participate in DCIIA sponsored events.

  • The Plan Sponsor Advisory Committee will represent the broader plan sponsor community and will be responsible for providing guidance on DCIIA’s overall strategic direction. The Committee will provide feedback on DCIIA’s goals and objectives as well as the ongoing projects and initiatives. The feedback may include the prioritization of issues as well as input on what plan sponsors are doing to address various issues.

  • The Plan Sponsor Committee Chair(s) are voting members of DCIIA’s Executive Committee.

  • When possible, the Plan Sponsor Advisory Committee will consist of members representing public and private plans, with representation from both Human Resources and Finance disciplines, and be geographically diverse. The Committee expects to have three to four meetings per year, with one in-person meeting and other meetings held via conference calls to minimize travel costs.

  • Committee members will be selected by the Plan Sponsor Chair(s) and may serve terms of a defined duration. Considerations for membership would include plan sponsor interest and desire to serve in an advisory role to DCIIA.

Plan Sponsor Advisory Committee Members