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Press Release 7.25.17: DCIIA releases white paper – Design Matters: The Influence of DC Plan Design on Retirement Outcomes
In a new white paper being released this week, DCIIA explores the first set of findings, including the current state of 401(k) plans, and other retirement savings plans, on overall retirement preparedness in a post-Pension Protection Act (PPA) DC environment.

Press Release 7.11.17: DCIIA releases white paper on financial wellness
DCIIA recently assembled a member task force to aggregate information about financial wellness programs and their effect in helping to improve retirement outcomes for American workers, which is DCIIA’s mission. The findings of the task force were released in a white paper entitled, A Financial Wellness Primer – Why Financial Wellness?

Press Release:  DCIIA Membership Elects Executive Committee Leadership


Press Release – DCIIA proposes a standardized lexicon for defined contribution (DC) retirement plans to promote further adoption of automatic features 

Press Release – Seasoned Executive Joining DCIIA to Lead Operational and Financial Management
DCIIA is pleased to announce that Maribel V. Gerstner is joining DCIIA as Chief Operating Officer effective September 1, 2016.

Press Release – DCIIA Paper Use of Auto Features Can Financially Benefit Employees

Press Release – DCIIA Statement in Response to Retirement Security Proposals in President Obama’s Fiscal Year 2017 Budget

Press Release – DCIIA Research Brief Points to Retirement Plan Leakage as Undermining Retirement Savings

Press Release – DCIIA Membership Elects New Leaders and Members to Executive Committee


Press Release – DCIIA Paper Offers Road Map for Plan Sponsors on Retirement Income Solutions

Press Release – DCIIA Issues Press Release on Study Examining Illiquid Assets in DC Plans

Press Release – DCIIA Issues Press Release on Study Examining Illiquid Assets in DC Plans

Press Release –Ted Godbout Joins DCIIA as Director of Communications and Public Relations

Press Release – The Evidence Is in…Automatic Plan Features Work

Press Release – DCIIA announces release of a new white paper entitled: "DC Plan Success Factors: Framework for Plans with an Objective of Retirement Income Adequacy"


Press Release – DCIIA Announces FAQ Resource for New Qualifying Longevity Annuity Contracts (QLAC) Regulations

Press Release – DCIIA Commends New Regulations That Support The Availability Of Lifetime Income Options Within Defined Contribution Plans

Press Release – DCIIA Announces FAQ Resource that Provides Clarification on Common Regulatory Questions Related to Automatic Features in Defined Contribution Plans.pdf

Press Release – DCIIA holds first-of-its-kind defined contribution auto features town hall unveils auto features resource center.pdf

Press Release – DCIIA Guide Supplements Department of Labor’s Fact Sheet on Target Date Retirement Funds


Press Release – DCIIA White Paper Offers New Ideas on How To Approach Retirement Savings Communications and Education

Press Release – DCIIA Membership Elects New Leaders and Announces Formation of the DCIIA Retirement Research Center

Press Release – Through Institutionalization, DC Plans Can Deliver Better Outcomes for Participants, Resulting in Better Fiduciary and Risk Management Profiles for Plan Sponsors

Press Release – New DCIIA White Paper Helps DC Plan Sponsors Understand How to Implement Auto Features to Achieve Best Outcomes

Press Release – DCIIA Supports Consideration of Alternative Investments in DC Plans