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White Paper_Design Matters – The Influence of DC Plan Design on Retirement Outcomes_7.25.17
White Paper_DCIIA Financial Wellness Primer_7.11.17
Comment Letter_4.17.17_Examination of the Fiduciary Rules in Response to the President’s Memorandum (RIN 1210-AB79)
DCIIA Guide to Commonly Used DC Plan Investment Vehicles_01.10.17


Comment Letter_12.5.16_DCIIA Response submitted to Department of Labor on Form 5500 proposal 
White Paper_10.2016_DCIIA Proposes Industry-Standard Lexicon to Encourage Greater Adoption of Automatic Features in DC Plans
White Paper_07.2016_Automatic Plan Features in DC Plans: What's in it for Plan Sponsors?
Research Brief_02.2016_Plan leakage: A Study on the Psychology Behind Leakage of Retirement Plan Assets
Comment Letter_01.2016_DCIIA Response: Savings Arrangements Established by States for Non-Governmental Employees and the related Interpretive Bulletin 2015-02


White Paper_12.2015_Retirement Income Solutions: A Guide for Plan Sponsors
Presentation Deck_9.11.2015_Capturing the Benefits of Illiquidity

Supplemental Material_09.18.2015_Webcast Q&A on Automatic Plan Features
Comment Letter_7.21.2015_DCIIA response to DOL Re-proposal of the Definition of the Term "Fiduciary"

White Paper_6.2015_Plan Sponsor Survey Focus on Automatic Plan Features
White Paper_5.2015_Defined Contribution Plan Success Factors Framework for Plans with an Objective of Retirement Income Adequacy


White Paper_DCIIA_Qualifying Longevity Annuity Contracts - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)_12.2014
WhitePaper_3.2014 dciia implementing automatic features in defined contribution plans answers to frequently asked questions faqs_3.2014.pdf
WhitePaper_2.2014 dciia guide to u.s. department of labor tips on selecting target date funds february 2014.pdf 
CommentLetter_11.19.2014 – dciia response – DOL Brokerage Window RFI RIN 1210-AB59  


WhitePaper_12.2013 dciia rethinking defined contribution communication and education december 2013.pdf
CommentLetter_9.17.13 dciia - sec money market comment letter final 2.pdf
CommentLetter_8.7.13 dciia response to anprm on lifetime illustrations_8.7.13.pdf
White Paper_8.2013 dciia institutionalizing dc plans - a starting point for addressing fiduciary issues - august 2013.pdf 
WhitePaper_6.2013 dciia best practices when implementing auto features in dc plans june 2013.pdf
WhitePaper_5.2013 dciia is it time to diversify dc risk with alternative investments may 2013.pdf
WhitePaper_4.2013 dciia complex investments and navigating the new participant disclosure rules april 2013.pdf
WhitePaper_4.2013 dciia whats on the investment menu a recipe for a better dc design april 2013.pdf


WhitePaper_12.10.12 dciia plan sponsor survey 2012 action needed to drive better participant outcomes december 2012.pdf
WhitePaper_2.1.2012 dciia to vs through target date debate is there a better way to frame the glide path discussion february 2012.pdf


White paper_10.2011_dciia institutionalizing dc plans- reasons why and methods how.pdf
CommentLetter_9.26.11 dciia cftc-sec request for comment on stable value contracts.pdf
WhitePaper_8.1.2011 dciia plug the drain.pdf
WhitePaper_3.30.11 dciia considerations for implementing a custom target date approach.pdf
Testimony_2.2011 dciia_senate_testimony_re_auto_features2.pdf
CommentLetter_2.3.11 dciia on dol definition of fiduciary regulations.pdf


Research_10.8.10 dciia research report on raising the bar pumping up retirement savings.pdf
Testimony_9.15.10_dciia dol treasury lifetime income hearing.pdf
WhitePaper_9.2.10 dciia financial regulation and consequences on america.pdf
CommentLetter_8.23.10_dciia investment company advertising- target date retirement fund names and marketing.pdf
CommentLetter_8.16.10_dciia testimony_dciia request to testify.pdf
CommentLetter_5.4.10_dciia public policy investment advice comment.pdf
CommentLetter_5.3.10_dciia lifetime income rfi comment letter.pdf