DCIIA | Retirement Research Center
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DCIIA Retirement Research Center 


                                  “Informed and Actionable Retirement Research”


One of DCIIA’s core beliefs is that Defined Contribution plans can sufficiently provide retirement security to American workers—when designed well and delivered effectively using institutional best practices and the insights of behavioral finance.

DCIIA’s Retirement Research Center (RRC) is dedicated to pursuing practical research that informs better decision-making and offers meaningful and actionable steps towards improving retirement outcomes. We will pursue research that examines obstacles and opportunities, dispels myths, shores up truths, and delivers realistic solutions that can improve the design and implementation of workplace savings plans—from combating participant inertia on through to examining investment and risk management.

In partnership with employers, our members and retirement plan influencers, our research efforts will focus on affirming and supporting their ability to deliver retirement security. Our research efforts will also inform and educate policy makers and retirement savings system stakeholders.


Research Criteria

When evaluating new research proposals, we look to our research criteria to help us approve and prioritize potential initiatives.

  • Impactful and positively influential
    • Policy/regulatory implications; strategic and tactical opportunities
    • Potential to positively impact DC plan participants through better retirement outcomes
    • Educate DCIIA membership and the marketplace
  • Unique - no similar research has been done
  • DCIIA is well-positioned to contribute to research
  • Aligned with DCIIA membership priorities

Research Agenda

DCIIA’s Retirement Research Board (RRB) maintains a research agenda to assist in the research approval and prioritization process. The agenda is subject to change, and is not the only consideration when prioritizing potential projects. For consideration, please contact our Research Board  directly to discuss possible research ideas and collaborations.

Retirement Research Center Partnerships

DCIIA’s RRB is open to research collaborations with external parties, including:

  • Academic researchers
  • Plan sponsors
  • Research organizations
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Financial services organizations

All partnership decisions will be subject to scrutiny to ensure alignment in priorities and approach, and ultimately, RRB approval. In certain cases, a request for proposal “RFP” process will be employed to select among possible partners/vendors. 

Retirement Research Board Members